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Weekend Road Trip

Preparing for a weekend in the car.

August 23, 2018 — August 26, 2018
Created 2018-04-06 by juliac

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Looking to enhance your car with the latest and greatest technology? With car models constantly changing and being upgraded, cars are no longer just a means for getting from point A to B. Handy gadgets can improve even the most distracted driving. Investing in a set of wheels with state-of-the-art technology is worth it to ensure maximum efficiency on the road. Here are the top gadgets that will impact your driving experience for the better. 

Blind Spot Mirrors

One of the most frustrating - and dangerous - parts of driving is not being able to see if another vehicle or person is in your blind spot. This can be especially frightening when merging or changing lanes on the highway where cars are going at a fast speed. Fortunately, you can invest in blind spot sensors to avoid this problem entirely. While others might still zip around your car, you will at least be able to see them coming and better able to prepare. For larger cars, blind spot mirrors can greatly widen the angle and improve visibility.


When it comes to auto accidents, it can sometimes be tricky to prove who was at fault. With the installation of a Dashcam, however, your driving journey is documented from start to finish and the footage can be used in the case of an accident. A Dashcam can be mounted to your dashboard, and with the click of a button begins recording your drive. Many dashcams have added features to aid in your driving like GPS, night-vision settings, and varied recording options. The enhanced cameras are able to zoom in to capture license plates in front of your car, which can be extremely helpful in the case of a hit-and-run accident. Even if you witness an accident happening, your Dashcam footage could be beneficial to the victim’s court case. 


The result of a Shark Tank business idea, the SMARTwheel is quickly making waves in the auto world. SMARTwheel was created to eradicate the issue of distracted driving by giving real-time feedback and alerting the driver of hazards before an accident occurs. The SMARTwheel easily hooks on to your existing steering wheel and installs within minutes. As you continue to drive, it stores memory of your driving habits. Download the affiliated app to track your driving progress and information on each trip. 

Exploride Heads Up Display

The Exploride Heads Up Display is the all-in-one device for car efficiency. As the name might allude, this sleek device props up on your dashboard. Its opaque, plexiglass exterior acts as a smartphone, displaying anything from your email notifications to GPS. Save your data and phone battery by using the built-in GPS system to get you where you’re going. You can also keep track of your car’s mileage, fuel costs and driving patterns, all of which are store. Pump up your road trip by using the display to download and play all your favorite songs. The Exploride Heads Up Display will change the driving game. 


Avoid costly trips to the auto shop by detecting any car troubles before they happen. The GoFar acts as a translator, syncing with your car and alerting you of any issues. The little device communicates with your vehicle and translates anything from low gas levels to engine problems. With the GoFar, you will save on gas money as well. Different colored lights indicate accurate gas levels and the device tracks your emission levels, helping you to save money by best utilizing your engine. The GoFar also monitors your brakes and acceleration, alerting you when you are abusing either and helping to make your drive a safer one. You can manage your driving habits and track your trips to get the most out of your driving experience. 


While it may not directly relate to standard car features, having a hot cup of joe could be crucial to your sanity when driving. Forget the days of coffee forgotten on the kitchen counter in a rush. Skip your daily Starbucks pit-stop. The Handpresso brews your coffee straight from your car. Just plug it into your car’s cigarette lighter and let the magic begin. Keep your favorite roast flavors handy in case you need a pick-me-up.

Looking to upgrade your vehicle for the long run? Before investing in all the latest gadgets, first swap out your vehicle for a newer model that you can get excited to drive for years to come. Once you have a hot new set of wheels, you can deck it out with these exciting gadgets. Get the most for your money by monitoring your drive, saving on fuel expenses, and ultimately making your vehicle more comfortable during transport. 


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