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North Shore Boston

Everything You Need to Know

December 14, 2018 — December 21, 2018
Created 2018-12-14 by haleyk

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Between Boston and New Hampshire lies a breathtaking stretch of coast, dotted with bits of colonial history, sun-soaked beaches, and a heavenly array of fresh seafood spots. The North Shore of Boston is the perfect location for spring breaking, summer getaways, autumn strolls along the pier, or winter wonderland adventures. Visitors and residents are never far from Boston and can take the train into town to avoid traffic, while simultaneously enjoying the natural splendor of New England's finest views. Whether you're craving a bowl of the world's best clam chowder, looking for picturesque scenes for a photo shoot, or investigating some of colonial America's oldest historical landmarks, the North Shore of Boston will not disappoint. 

Sea and Shore

While much of the North Shore coastline is rocky, the are many excellent spots to stop and enjoy the majesty of the Atlantic Ocean. Those looking for a place to lay out on soft sand and splash in the waves should check out Good Harbor Beach in Gloucester, or Crane Beach in Ipswitch. These popular, beautiful beaches are perfect for flying kites, building sand castles, or playing in the surf. Parking is a little tight and pricy (about $30 per day), but the cash is absolutely worth it. And, surf's up in Long Beach, where beginner and intermediate surfers can hang loose. 

After a long day in the waves, what better way to warm up than with some delicious clam chowder! Fishing is huge on the North Shore, so it's no surprise that it touts some of the most mouth-watering seafood in the country. Tonno in Gloucester serves up some award-winning chowder and other delicious seafood with an Italian flair. Looking for a more old-school spot? The Three Cod Tavern in Marblehead boasts a 60-year-old secret chowder recipe that's sure to make your tastebuds sing--and it's gluten free! 

Historical Hot Spots

The rich, colonial history of Massachusetts is not lost on the North Shore. The wharfs, piers, and little downtowns that speckle the coast glitter with breathtaking architecture and old-world charm. The grandeur of the old country lives here too, in the mansion of Castle Hill in Ipswitch. This National Historic Landmark has meticulously manicured gardens and impressive stonework, enough so that Hollywood has filmed several movies on the grounds. For a more working-class atmosphere, visitors should check out Saugus Iron Works. Open for business in 1647, this National Historic Site was the first integrated ironworks in North America. Visitors can visit the reconstructed facility, which is located about 10 miles from downtown Boston on a beautiful swath of property.  


Perhaps the most well-known of the North Shore landmarks is the little town of Salem, home to the infamous Salem Witch Trials. Visitors that delight in the spooky and the dreadful should not miss the Salem Witch Museum, or the Witch House--the only house in Salem with direct ties to the Witch Trials. A look around Burying Point Cemetery (the second oldest burial site in the United States after the arrival of European settlers) is a historical and chilling treat, as is a short drive out to the Rebecca Nurse Homestead in Danvers.


Need a beer? Never fear, the North Shore is here with plenty of award-winning brews. BareWolf Brewing in Amesbury has a chill, family vibe with plenty of boardgames. Right across the street at Silvaticus, you can find pours of German and Belgian style beers. Priding itself on its "Old World" approach, the atmosphere here can be most closely associated with the pubs of Europe. If you're feeling the old world vibe, head Mystic Brewing for a Belgian saison. So sit back, relax, and enjoy all the North Shore has to offer! 

If traveling is the least of your worries and you're looking to relocate to Boston North Shore, you'll be able to soak in all of the above year-round. Toss the junk and start fresh in one of the greatest locations in Massachusetts!


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